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New Times Investment Co., Ltd. Release Date: 2021.05.27

Deputy General Manager (required: 1 person) Effective date: 2021.12.31

Recruitment Department: Ministry of Human Resources of Namibia

· Basic requirements: minimum education, bachelor degree, working abroad.

· job description:

1. Responsible for the operation and management of the company's overall project construction and production system;

2. Responsible for the cost control, schedule control, quality control, safety production, and civilized construction management of each project, and do a good job in the coordination of subcontractors and suppliers;

3. According to the specific conditions and requirements of the project, make a good project schedule control plan and key process node plan and measures to achieve the plan;

4. Ensure strict implementation of the cost control plan, ensure the realization of project cost control goals, and be responsible for the liaison and coordination of the project department with on-site supervision;

5. Responsible for the unified management of construction technology and technical work;

6. Responsible for organizing and implementing the relevant policies, policies, instructions, laws, regulations, rules and technical standards of the country's basic construction, scientific and technological work, etc., and continuously improving the quality of the project and the level of construction technology;

7. Responsible for organizing the review of all construction drawings, organizing the formulation of technical management and major technical plans, and organizing the preparation of annual, quarterly and monthly construction plans;

8. Organizing and reviewing the discussion and analysis of the construction plan, supervising, inspecting and guiding, solving related technical problems and coordinating internal and external relations;

9. Responsible for formulating technical implementation plans to ensure project safety and quality, construction organization design, and construction-related environmental protection measures, establishing and improving safety and quality assurance systems, strengthening quality supervision, and solving major technical problems in project construction quality;

10. Responsible for the promotion and application of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials and advanced scientific and technological achievements, and responsible for the application and implementation of scientific and technological research and development projects of each project department of the company;

11. Investigate, research, review, summarize the work in charge, and provide the general manager with suggestions for strengthening management and decision-making in a timely manner.


1. College degree or above in civil engineering, engineering management or related majors;

2. More than 12 years of work experience, of which more than 4 years of work experience in a large and medium-sized construction company's deputy general manager or equivalent position, foreign work experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with design, construction, bidding, and cost management, as the person in charge of the project, has worked in many large-scale construction projects throughout the entire process, and has rich construction management experience;

4. Have a deep understanding and unique insights into all aspects of construction enterprise project management;

5. Have strong communication and coordination skills, be able to manage projects, and have the ability to deal with emergencies.

· Detailed requirements:

· Other benefits:

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