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New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd

New Era Investment(Pty) Ltd. was registered in Namibia since 2001 and majored in construction andcontracting in the beginning. It has grown rapidly into a large group of companies including, amongst many others,

New Era Investment(Pty) Ltd,

Exclusive Tiles cc,

Exclusive Solar cc,

Exclusive Aluminum cc,

Exclusive Building Suppliers (Pty) Ltd,

Malema Investments(Pty) Ltd.

China NanjingInternational Namibia (Pty) Ltd

Up to now, the holding company, New Era Investments Holding (Pty) Ltd., has several subsidiary companies with businessinterests that include Tiles, Solar Energy Products, Sanitary Ware, Furniture,LED Lights, Aluminum designing and manufacturing ,goods supply and providing,Investments, Real Estate Development and Management, Import and Export, etc.

New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd as a Namibian company, has in recent years successfully implemented a number of large-scale, highly technical and complicated construction projects that have become new landmarks of different cities. We are proud to be the Contractor of the Construction of the Hilton Hotel, the first five-star hotel in the Republic of Namibia. This is a milestone for the country and its people towards economic prosperity and social development.

New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd’s real estate developments and investments are mainly concentrated in the North of Namibia such as Oshakati and Ondangwa, Western coastal cities like Walvis Bay and Swakopmund as well as the capital city Namibia, Windhoek. Such development including office complex, warehouses and facilities, not only provide favorable backup for the group and its subsidiaries‘ massive office and warehouse requirements, local building projects its own, aluminium, tiles, solar and other business, but also provide renting space for other customers.