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International Contracting and Construction

New Era investment (Pty) Ltd was established in March 2001 and in the past 12 years has built a lot of features and difficult projects. These projects have become the new standard for building projects. For simple instructions, please refer to the project information below.

New Naval Base of the Maritime Wing of the NDF

Only after the company registration 1 year, sine 2002 New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd was awarded the above-mentioned project for NDF. The project has a particular significance, importance and memorable role for New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd. New Era Investment (Pty)Ltd is relying on this drive and never give up faith persistence and bravery linked with years of maturity and experience. Without that belief system, New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd’s employer and employees alike would not have existed today. At the peak of our company, our Chinese employees reached 300 and local employees more than 1000 people. With such abundant human resources and project models, we are not afraid of difficulties, but only a lack of opportunity to challenge would bring us down. On this particular project, what we would like to emphasize is that that in circumstances of extreme shortage of funds at that time, the company could still manage to finish the work ahead of time and ensure high quality and high efficiency. So much that the project has become a model for all building projects of the New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd. This is why all our projects; big and small, can be completed on time.

Hilton Hotel Windhoek

Hilton Hotel has a total of 13 floors and is Namibia’s only High rise, leading five star hotel to date. Unique shape and style has long been a model of star-rated hotels. Construction difficulties, apart from high rise buildings has always been challenge, complex aluminum extrusions, as well as variety and large tiles of varying thickness, visible improvement had always been a challenge. The project has cost nearly N$200 million of contract sum and it was despite of its challenges a perfect completion. That shows that New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd currently has all the experience and expertise to bring about the completion of an N$200 million dollar project. What is more is that our milestone that we have achieved after the above two projects is that has our company has become truly private company I its own right.

Government Hangar Complex Phase1

Namibia Presidential Hangar was valued at N$103,571,646.44, due to the particularity requirements and expectations of the owners of the project, this particular had a special significance and importance. New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd was among the few Chinese-Namibian companies that passed the security auditors test of auditing firms. At the same time I wish that the second phase the project would successfully start in early 2013. Difficulty is mainly reflected in the span of the project because of its huge and complex steel structure and large areas of three airport runways as well as five edges of high strength of impact tamping equipment provided. The company is so far the only big company that is capable of successfully erecting such heavy structures

Oshakati High Court

Oshakati High court was completed with a value of N$63,360,816.82, in 2006; New Era Investment was bestowed with numerous awards and honors for its design and construction of this project. The High Court was just not the pride of the company, but also, but yet also the way New Era Investment is seen by its peers and Namibians alike. Construction of large tracts of curved and oblique walls with visible difficulty was the main challenge. New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd in this regard is the most experienced company by far among other construction companies.

Ministry Lands and Resettlement Headquarter

The Ministry of Lands and Resettlement project is very representative of the country. A unique look, eye-catching red has long been a picturesque landscape of this country. The wide footprint, full-frame structure of floors presented difficulties and which is similar to other projects that we have already completed such as Multichoice new Headquarter.

Uramin Trekkopje Desalination Plant

Uramin Trekkopje Desalination Plant was built for the value of N$45,851,847.55 by New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd in 2007. Uranium deposits in this project are typical of industrial plants of seawater desalination projects; the project addresses the coastal strip of Henties Bay near Walvis Bay in Namibia. All plants span a roof structure. The steel structure is less than that of the President of the Government of Namibia hangar project, but at the time also presented a certain degree of difficulty of its construction,

Project design of a large amount of uranium desalination plant with high precision and all the devices associated with them are the basis for the company responsibility for the construction waterproof plant. This project contains three large pools (50 m x 5m), complex waterproof and all of the relevant processes, When New Era was contracted by the plant owner, and we were a one-time placement. We have overcome all the difficulties, and have learned a lot of valuable experience in this area. That eventually made New Era Investment to develop in a more faceted company and that eventually laid a solid foundation to be a company to be reckoned with.

Firmly, New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd believes that we can build a far more beautiful and a more brilliant tomorrow. Winds of a New Era Investment(Pty)Ltd in the name of the new age, tree of New Era Investment shows appearance of a new era, new era person. New Era Investment is people-oriented, we advocate win-win outcome. And New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd is looking forward to joining you.