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New Era Investment (Pty)Ltd, The company is also known as the New Era. It’s a company of a brand new start ,a perfect leap and a unique, happy paradise full of happiness and dreams! A place of work and learning with the development of the heart and a harbor of love!

If you are honest, confident, generous, rigorous, practical and have solidarity to seriously implement the company's philosophy ,you are welcome to join. Here is your most beautiful sweet home overseas. We firmly believe that the lack of capacity is to train the day after tomorrow, noble human qualities and practical approach by contras, how rare it is.

A brief introduction of one colleague,Ms. R Nawases. At New Era Investment(Pty)Ltd ,she is in charge of the local Human Resources in Namibia. She has lived, studied and worked in China for 11 years and also served as an English teacher in China for many years and is very fluent in standard spoken Chinese. She offers Cambridge Business English classes four times a week at New Era Investment as part of the Human Resources training and development. We believe that with this kind of training our employees can go places, because behind the manifested rich connotation is confidence, we firmly believe that our own could do better tomorrow. That is the affirmation of the look of astonishment and envy that we get at New Era Investment.

New Era Investment(Pty)Ltd was established as a Namibian registered company. Namibia is a small, but very beautiful country, with strong feeling of windy Europe and that little fresh feeling is always so full of life. Architectural style decorations, each one of those buildings is a living testimony of the people that New Era Investment represents .Namibia in itself is such a learning experience and opportunity of great things to come. For the most real or physical world, for the noble spirit of the world, since I was young I learnt and learning is required. Here is your best choice, selecting a new era for your life, is selecting your departure to a new life. New era investment (Pty) Ltd is a company that warmly welcomes you to join us.