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New Times Investment Co., Ltd. Release Date: 2021.05.27

Personnel Manager (required: 1 person) Effective date: 2021.12.31

Recruitment Department: Ministry of Human Resources of Namibia

· Basic requirements: minimum education, bachelor degree, working abroad.

· job description:

1. Formulate the company's human resources strategic plan, and promote the development of personnel management related work in accordance with the actual local business development and legal requirements;

2. Drafting, revising and perfecting human resources related management systems and work processes, and supervising the implementation of processes and systems;

3. Establish a performance management system, supervise and control the performance evaluation process of various departments and continuously improve the performance management system, propose incentive plans and specific implementation methods, and improve the incentive mechanism and make suggestions;

4. Participate in position management, organizational structure setting, organize the compilation and review of various department function descriptions and job descriptions;

5. Develop recruitment plans and procedures, and carry out recruitment work;

6. Develop training plans, implement training programs, organize completion of training work and follow-up after training, and improve the training system;

7. Participate in the company's daily personnel management and conduct employee interviews;

8. Responsible for salary calculation and management, and provide support for salary decision-making;

9. Participate in the daily affairs management of the department, assist in the completion of the work assessment, incentives and departmental funds budget and control of the staff of the department;

10. Guide the planning of employee activities and help promote the formation of the company's philosophy and corporate culture;


1. College degree or above in human resource management or related majors, English major level 4/CET6 and above, with good English listening/speaking/reading/writing skills;

2. More than five years of human resource management work experience in large enterprises, especially construction enterprises. Overseas work experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with human resources recruitment, salary, performance appraisal, training and other regulations and procedures, and familiar with various national labor and personnel regulations and policies;

4. Proficiency in using common office software and network applications;

5. Being rigorous, able to adhere to principles, good working attitude, professional quality and team awareness;

6. Can withstand work pressure, have good analytical and decision-making capabilities, as well as planning and execution capabilities.

· Detailed requirements:

· Other benefits:

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