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Safety Precautions During The Epidemic
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Safety precautions during the epidemic

All members of the company:

In view of the epidemic situation in Namibia, the company hopes that all employees will be responsible for themselves, colleagues, and society, and strengthen their awareness of protection during the epidemic. In response to the "Notice on Employees' Self-Safety Prevention during the Epidemic" issued on January 30 this year, the company reiterated some of the main points as follows:

1. During non-working hours, any going out requires permission from the person in charge. It is strictly forbidden to visit non-working locations across the station, group card games, ball games, attractions, casinos, bars and other gathering entertainment activities. If the above regulations are violated, once the company finds out, it will be fined 500 renminbi/person/time. At the same time, if the relevant person in charge fails to report, he shall be jointly and severally liable and be fined 250 NB/time.

2. The person in charge of each group should make full use of the online WeChat group management method to plan the use of materials and work deployment. In particular, strengthen the safety precautions at the staging point to eliminate potential safety hazards to the utmost extent.

3. If there is a need for the procurement of epidemic prevention materials at each station, the person in charge of each group shall report to the company's personnel department. In principle, the company will purchase in a unified manner and issue it on demand.

4. Colleagues care for each other, such as fever, cough, fatigue, dyspnea, etc., do not conceal or panic, and apply for Lianhua Qingwen medicine to the person in charge in time, and conduct appropriate self-isolation.

5. Re-emphasize the importance of psychological adjustment. Working abroad is not easy, so please be sure to keep your mood happy, get enough sleep, and exercise properly.

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New Times Investment Co., Ltd.

June 29, 2020

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