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The Documentary "Charming Namibia" Starts Airing On CCTV
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We are in the same boat and go hand in hand! The four-episode documentary "Charming Namibia" will be broadcast on CCTV-9 every night at 21:00 from December 24th to 25th, so stay tuned!

Over the past 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Namibia, no matter how the international situation changes, the two sides have always moved forward hand in hand through the storm. In recent years, President Xi Jinping and President Geingob have met several times and reached important consensus on establishing and developing China-Namibia comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, leading bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields to a new level and enhancing the well-being of the two peoples. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the four-episode documentary "Charming Namibia" produced by China Central Radio and Television and undertaken by the Chinese Embassy in Namibia and the Central Station Film and Television Documentary Center will lead people into this beautiful land and experience The magical charm of this country.

The documentary "Charming Namibia" has 4 episodes, each 25 minutes, showing people the stories that have happened and are happening in this courageous and passionate land from a diverse perspective. It allowed countless Chinese audiences to appreciate the unique charm of Namibia, greatly increased the Chinese public’s awareness of Namibia, and promoted China-Namibia cultural exchanges to a new level.

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