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Financial Investment and Development

New Era of investment under current group is up to more than ten companies, namely

01. New Era Investment (Pty) Ltd;

02. China Nanjing International Namibia (Pty) Ltd;

03. Malema Investments (Pty) Ltd;

04. New Era Holdings Investment (Pty) Ltd;

05. Exclusive Tiles cc;

06. Exclusive Aluminium cc;

07. Exclusive Solar cc;

08. Exclusive Building Suppliers (Pty) Ltd;

09. Changsha Kantons limited,

10. Changsha wine clubs, and others.

Financial investment and development is mainly in the fields of international engineering contracting, real estate development, project bidding, ceramic tile sales, solar products, LED products, aluminum production and design, production and installation of aluminum-plastic composite panels, the international foreign trade import and export business, Hong Kong new product investments, development and many other aspects of domestic wine. Currently it a very complete development system, and its even becoming more perfect.