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Wanli Welcomes The First Year Of The Year And Overcomes The Difficulties With His Sons——The Chinese Embassy In Namibia Held A "Spring Festival Package" Distribution Ceremony
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When the Spring Festival is approaching, on February 3, the Embassy in Namibia held a launching ceremony for issuing the "Spring Festival Package". Ambassador Zhang Yiming presented the "Spring Festival Package" full of epidemic prevention and daily necessities and signed greeting cards full of New Year blessings to the people in Namibia. They also conveyed greetings from relatives in the motherland to all Chinese citizens in Namibia. From the "health package" to the "Spring Festival package", the care of the party and the country has always been online and never absent. Little by little makes our Chinese in Africa feel warm and proud. Thank the party and the country for always remembering the lives of our Chinese-funded enterprise personnel during the epidemic. The new era company will never forget its original intention, keep its mission in mind, unite as one, forge ahead, and strive for the final victory in the anti-epidemic war!

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