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All members of the company are vaccinated
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Since March 26th, all Chinese employees of our company in Namibia have started vaccinations for the new crown vaccine in four designated hospitals in the capital and coastal area of Namibia. Our employees are very excited about being able to receive the vaccine from the motherland as soon as possible, and they are proud and proud. . After the vaccination, our employees couldn’t hide their joy and excitement. They all took photos with their “certificates”, posted pictures and sent circles, expressing their pride in receiving vaccines from their motherland thousands of miles away, thanking the motherland for its care for overseas travellers, and thanking the embassy for its meticulous organization. At the same time, I deeply feel the company's leaders' care for employees. The vaccination has put on “protective clothing” for our employees, and has taken “reassurance pills”. It also created favorable conditions for the smooth development of our company's various tasks.

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